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Certification in Industrial Ergonomics & Human Factors Engineering

Oxford Research Institute Inc. (ORI), an IRS approved non profit corporation, has a fully instituted Certification Program In Human Factors Engineering and Industrial Ergonomics. In our view, the best measure of the qualifications and competence of professional persons in most technical fields is that obtained by the judgement of peers in that particular field and the quality of technical products produced by the professional. Given this, and the need for evidence of qualification in Ergonomics/Human Factors, the Oxford Research Institute has established a rigorous process for certification based upon a controlled peer review process. Oxford offers three certifications: Certified Industrial Ergonomist (CIE), Certified Associate Ergonomist (CAE), and Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional (CHFEP). Oxford Research Institute is committed to performing these certifications on a "cost" basis.

Our Certification Application is available Certification Application.

Oxford Research Institute normally conducts two Ergonomics courses per annum. In the spring we hold a course in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the summer/fall we conduct a course in Annapolis, Maryland.

Upcoming Course and Exam
Advanced Ergonomics and Injury Prevention: Theory, Practice and Litigation, an Ergonomics course and certification exam will be held in Annapolis, Maryland at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel. The course will be held on August 15th and 16th, 2014. The exam will be administered the afternoon of August 16th following the course. The course is sponsored by Oxford Research Institute Inc. Two CEU's will be granted to all attendees. The course is limited to the first 10 enrollees. Please download the Course Information and Application (Course and Certification) PDF for complete information. For questions, Contact Bill Banks by EMail or phone 301-865-4506.